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Translations between English and French

Web content – audio – video – films


After years of having to resort to original language contents in order to avoid dubious translations, the Doc decided to put himself at your service to provide you with top-notch translations. He vows to take your web content, audio, video, short (or not so short) films, and translate it to the mysterious and oh so poetic French language. Or from said mysterious language to your native (and much more civilized) English, for that matter.
Why? Well, to put it bluntly, because your friends, customers, viewers, reader, subscribers, or even yourself, may find some content in a language that they do not understand and let’s face it, Google Translate just ain’t gonna cut it.

The Doc specializes in the fields of audio production, of guitars and literature. He can translate a full web site as well, in order to increase your audience, whatever your activity. He can also translate your web-site or any user manual from any product.

The Doc’s Fees

Ground-breaking projects : free quotation | Tax included


10€ per minute

effectively spoken minutes

Written translation

0,06€ per word

in source language



file compatible with YouTube and most other video player apps